Compiler Developer

Belgrade , Serbia

Location: Belgrade, Novi Sad

System Software Group in RT-RK works on various open-source projects, ranging from compilers and tools, Linux kernel, operating systems up to the latest challenges with machine learning applications such as neural networks. Compilers as LLVM or v8, operating system Android or popular browser Chrome, each have hundreds of patches contributed by the group. Members of the team are responsible for creating cutting-edge technologies and work on most challenging projects along with top engineers in the world. 

Job Summary: 

As a compiler developer, you will contribute to our Clang and LLVM based compiler, and related tools, tailored to different hardware and architectures (including MIPS, ARM, X86 and other). Your day-to-day responsibilities might include developing and maintaining both innovative and standards-compliant features in the existing compiler front-end, designing and building a new LLVM middle-end, and working closely with back-end engineers to improve compiler optimization and parallelization. The role may also entail working closely with Machine Learning researchers and hardware architects to help design and influence newer generations of ML/AI hardware.  

Required Experience: 

Extensive C/C++ programming experience  

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field 

Preferred Knowledge: 

Compiler design using LLVM / Clang 

Experience with Linux 

Python programming 

Knowledge in code diagnostic tools and related, such as code coverage 

Assembly programming 

Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field 

Interest or experience in machine learning frameworks such as MxNet, TVM, and Tensorflow 

If you do not have this knowledge, we will give you an opportunity to master it. 

Benefits of joining our team:

• The result of your work will be integrated into products of world leading companies

• Professional and academic development in cutting edge technologies, as well as support for participation in national and international scientific conferences

• Well paid job

• Work in a new and modern setting with the latest platforms and tools

• Pleasant and relaxed ambiance, team spirit, team-building activities (recreation, entertainment, cultural events, etc.)

• Flexible work schedule and casual dress code

• Possibility to travel and work abroad in joint projects with global leading companies

We thank all the candidates that show interest in our company, though only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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