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RT-RK is an R&D company and a national research institute which delivers development services and own products in the area of real time embedded systems, with a strong focus on consumer electronics and automotive.

The company was established in 1991, with the headquarters in Novi Sad. Since 2011, the company has been developing a regional network of centers in Belgrade, Banja Luka and Osijek. The positive experience of cooperation with FTN in Novi Sad, we are now trying to transfer to cooperation with eminent faculties in the region (School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade; Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade; Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Osijek; Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Banja Luka).


Today, with more than 1000 IT experts, RT-RK is the one of the largest software development companies in South East Europe. The company's business is entirely focused on the foreign market. BMW, Harman, DENSO, FotoNation, Autoliv, Ask Industries, TTTech, MIPS/Imagination, CISCO, Cirrus Logic, Xiaomi, Harman Kardon, Onkyo & Pioneer, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Marvell, iWedia, are just some of the names from the list of our satisfied partners and clients. As partners are located in different parts of the world, our employees have the opportunity to travel and meet with different cultures and thus enrich not only their professional, but also their personal experience.


As a constantly growing company, with a serious, long-standing experience, we strive to support the development of professional knowledge and skills of our employees. We improve our knowledge and skills by providing innovative projects that include working with the cutting edge technologies. Also, new employees have on-boarding process which include mentoring, internal professional courses, etc.


Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia accredited RT-RK as a National Research and Development Institute. Thus, the innovative and scientific research potential of the company is confirmed at the formal level. For those who want to continue with academic development, we help enroll in doctoral studies, publish and present scientific and research works at both domestic and foreign professional conferences.


For future IT professionals who are still studying, we traditionally organize various summer schools and internships in order to give them the opportunity to learn more about areas of work within our company. During July and August we organize summer internships and summer schools in the field of embedded development, FPGA and IoT. In addition, we have different scholarship programs for students who are at different levels of their academic studies. If you want to be informed or have already decided to apply for a RT-RK scholarship, please feel free to e-mail us: stipendija@rt-rk.com.


In order to strengthen team spirit in the company, we organize various types of team building, as well as cultural and sports activities. In order to improve "soft" skills, we also organize various trainings necessary for the further development of a modern IT professional.


Flexible working hours
Professional internal trainings
Professional library
English language course
Conference participation
Writing and registering patents
Business trips all over the world
Awards for engineers of the year
Additional days of vacation for loyal employees
Team sports
Team building activities
Fun room
Friday beer talk
Gifts for newborns
New years presents for children
Various discounts for health insurance, Fitpass cards etc.
Private health insurance


Automotive ADAS

In the field of the automotive industry, our company develops software for ADAS (Advance driver-assistance systems) and AD (Autonomous driving).

The systems we develop are of high level of autonomy (levels 3, 4, 5). The software intended for these purposes must be highly reliable, i.e. failure-free. In the critical operations of steering, acceleration, braking, and others, failures are not allowed, as they can directly endanger safety of the passengers.

As this is a real time software requiring timely exchange of information according to predefined priorities, we are also dealing with development of software components which provide fast and reliable communication.

An important aspect of our development are specific support mechanisms in the case of failure of parts of the HW system, ensuring that the system remains in operation (continues to drive or safely stops the vehicle).

Our projects are for the premium clients in the automotive industry.

Automotive Infotainment

In the domain of the driver‘s digital environment represented by the information and entertainment systems, our company develops software solutions to fulfill the passengers‘ and even the driver’s free time, a requirement rising particularly with introduction of the autonomous driving systems.

Our special focus is to support customers by bringing Android into the vehicle with the goal of a high level of personalization, i.e. the usage of the applications we are accustomed to through our daily use of the mobile phone.

Whether the reception and playback of multimedia content or in-car TV, our company is engaged on projects that enable continuous and uninterrupted reception with support mechanisms for content consumption while driving even through areas with no mobile or TV signal - improving customer satisfaction and the quality of service.

In addition to reception and playback of various content, we develop software that runs multiple instances of Android and other operating systems designed to display information or multimedia content on multiple screens in the vehicle, and all that on the smallest HW footprint possible.


Our FPGA team is trained for rapid prototyping of tailored high-performance digital systems, designing of dedicated application IP blocksASIC prototyping, SoC and IC applications (integration, target platform software adaptation, 3rd party software customization, device driver development) and RTL design verification.

Numerous designed and tested digital solutions by our team are integrated in the products of companies such as Bosch, Cirrus Logic, MIPS, NEC, Apex, TTTech and others. The projects hiring the most of our engineers are in the areas of the automotive industry - primarily support for autonomous driving systems, highly reliable network protocols such as Time Triggered Ethernet, artificial intelligence systems, and real-time video processing systems. Our FPGA engineers are educated at the most prestigious institutes and companies around the world, such as IMEC, Fraunhofer, Doulos, where they get acquainted with modern tools and methodologies related to integrated circuit technology.


Our IoT team develops a new generation solution "Industry 4.0". In cooperation with the world's leading companies in the field of industrial automation, we have the opportunity to work on various IoT projects, on solutions for smart cities and solutions for smart industrial systems. In the field of smart cities, we facilitate and initiate light emissions “from any place”, by illuminating buildings, monuments and bridges. On the other hand, we work on top solutions that connect the world of clouds and the industrial world. Our industrial IoT products meet the high industry standards, and the solutions we have created have already found their applications with the world's leading companies in the fields of automotive industry and industrial robotics.

Our engineers create innovative solutions for a number of different areas, from web technologies, to virtualization and containerization, to the latest communication protocols in industrial communication, and in each task we use programming languages that best suit the needs - making Javascript, Python, C ++, along with the fitting frameworks, equally find their places in the projects.

Digital TV

In the field of digital TV, we develop software for consumer electronics devices such as smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Our engineers work on various TV software components bringing Android TV, AOSP and Linux to the next level with a suite of high-performance core components (i.e. OTT ABR Player, TV browser) to enable a state of the art fully customizable (Live and VOD) experience for OTT and Hybrid.

We develop scalable TV software turnkey solutions ranging from bare-bone zappers, to mid-range hybrid OTT/IPTV/broadcast, to high-end full-featured Android TV solutions, deployed 40 million times at leading TV operators world-wide.

With renowned partners such as Google, we develop devices, system and application software for large manufacturers of processors and multimedia integrated circuits (ARM, MIPS, Broadcom, AmLogic, Synaptics, Mediatek), set-top box devices and TVs (Sony, Sharp, Skyworth, Technicolor, Arcadyan), but also for large telco operators that provide services to end users (French Bouygues Telecom, Japanese NTT, Thai True and many others).

Home Audio Systems

In case you wondered how sound makes us feel an integral part of a favorite movie scene and how to bring that cinematic experience home, then Home Audio is the right team for you. You will learn about 3D sound propagation technologies, applicable not only in the film industry, but also in the virtual reality game industry. Improve your academic and professional knowledge in collaboration with leaders in this field - Dolby, DTS and the Fraunhofer Institute. Be part of the team of engineers whose work has a share in more than half the audio systems on the world stage, including Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Harman, JBL and others.



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