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“Hi, I'm Jovana, I have finished master's studies at Software Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. During the scholarship program for students, I worked on the development of an application that serves to control the STB device via voice, which was also the topic of my thesis. During my scholarship, I could always count on help at any time, both from the mentor, who with his advice and expertise contributed to easier overcome the problems I encountered during the development of the application, and the entire team that is always available for help and cooperation. I would also like to emphasize the importance of the courses I attended during the scholarship program, which provided me with knowledge about new technologies used in everyday work on professional projects. After graduation, I got a job and continued my development in the field of digital television.”

Jovana Simić

Software Engineer

“I came to RT-RK 11 years ago, as a final year student at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. The possibility of writing a diploma thesis within the Student scholarship program was very interesting to me, so I joined the company as a scholarship student. After graduating, I got a job at RT-RK, in the field of Digital TV. At the very beginning of my work, I was attracted by the good team spirit, which does not change after all these years, and we are constantly working on its improvement. Through various projects, I had the opportunity to professionally improve on different layers of products, from the hardware to the application level, but also to get to know business in different cultures in all parts of the world. Now, as a Technical Lead, I am trying to contribute to the better integration of new employees, both in terms of work and social tasks, so that they feel a sense of belonging to the team and the RT-RK company as a whole. ”

Miroslav Bako

Technical Lead

“I came to RT-RK as a junior engineer, while now I have more than fifteen years of experience on different projects regarding HW. Through various projects I have learnt how, with a soldering iron, a little wire and a lot of imagination, you can make a complex system that is user friendly, passing through all phases of designing HW up to final release. I will probably be remembered as someone, who, from desire to acquire new knowledge, left and returned to RT-RK after a few months. Due to this, I can say with confidence that RT-RK is the right place for you, if you want to build your career in HW department. Together we can acquire new skills and continue to develop ourselves as engineers who foster true passion towards electronics.”

Dragan Cuca

Senior Hardware Engineer

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